Top 11 Makeup Tips For Blue Eyes


Having a recessive trait like blue eyes is seen as a mark of beauty. Blue eyes may seem cold but the different hues they encompass can really make someone eyes’ look enigmatic. However, choosing the right kind of makeup to go along with those pretty blue eyes can be a tiresome task in itself. You must realize that not everything and anything can go along with blue eyes. One thing might undermine their charm while the other might be too bland and bare.

There are tons of different makeup tricks for blue eyes out there, but truthfully, you have got to know which ones the best for you. So, here are a few makeup tips for blue eyes. These will not only help enhance the beauty and colour of your eyes but also make sure that the beauty of your face is also revealed.

makeup tips for blue eyes

Eye Makeup For Blue Eyes

Where better to start than the root of all your makeup concerns – your blue eyes. In this first segment, we’ll list out some eye makeup tricks that will really make those blue eyes pop out and garner more attention than they already do.

1. Eye Shadows With A Touch Of Sheer

Sometimes going the simpler path is the best. The colour blue is largely associated with the feelings of either calmness or intensity. To bring out such a colour you don’t need a load of various eye shadows. A sheer eye shadow or even just the application of lighter and duller colors on those eyelids can give the extra pop your blue eyes need. This trick might seem too simple but you will realize its efficiency once you try it. You will be fascinated by the subtle shimmer of the sheer shadow.

2. Shadows With A Matte Finish

Now if you want to try on an eye shadow that is not sheer then your next best option is a matte shadow. You can ditch the sheer shadow for a matte one as it gives a nonglossy and professional look. This type of shadow can very well suit you if you are trying on a new office look as it brings out your eye color even more so. However, if you are going on a night out or a party then you should go with the sheer shadow as a bit of shimmer and shine under those lights would make your eyes look absolutely fabulous.

3. Blue Shadows Are A No

Sometimes people end up making a huge blunder when they get fixed on the idea of color coordination. One of the crucial makeup tips for ladies with blue eyes is that staying away from blue eyeshadows is in your best interest. However, like almost everything in life, there is a hack for the forbidden blue eye shadow. If you really are unable to resist from applying some blue to go with your own blue eyes then make sure the shades are polar opposites. Let’s say that you have baby blue eyes then you should try on a navy blue eye shadow in order to bring out the darker hues in your eyes that otherwise are mostly hidden If you have #baby blue eyes, try a navy blue eye shadow to really bring out the darker hues in your eyes. But remember to refrain from layering blue on blue all the time.

4. Colors That Overlap

Layering blue on blue as you know by now is not a recommended style but that doesn’t mean the option of layering is off the table. Women who have blue eyes in actuality have the freedom and the makeup license to layer loads of various colors on. If you decide to go with the sheer shadow look then you can easily go with two different shades of sheer. For example, you could use a light brown sheer shadow with another one that has a copper tone. The beauty of these eye shadows is that both of them are as light as a feather and the combination is an absolute killer.

5. Pick Up A Navy Liner

Let’s move on from the eye shadow and jump over to its neighbour – the eyeliner. Another makeup idea that would be appropriate for your blue eyes is to the ditch the conventional black eyeliner and going with a navy colored eyeliner. When you go with the navy colored eyeliner the navy actually brings out the color of your eyes with renewed vigour.

6. Hues Of A Warm Kind

Like it was mentioned before, blue is a calming color with an icy undertone, so one of the ultimate tips that you can do to augment your eye color is to truly use lots of various hues that consist of warm colors. The colors that are included in this category are browns, tones of an earthy nature and also some softer colors that would suit your beautiful blue eyes superbly.

7. Simplicity Pays

Blue eyes are naturally beautiful and have an enchanting look that is an instant crowd puller. So sometimes you don’t require tons of eye makeup to surround your eyes, you just need to go simple and show them off. Earnestly, too much of color and makeup can divert from you’re the natural beauty of eyes.

8. Highlight Those Eyes

Highlight is the need of the hour in the present times. So make sure that you accompany your eyeliner or eye shadow with some highlights. The highlights will softly encase your eyes and also vivify them. The correct way of applying them is to put them just below your brow bones and in the corner on the inner side of your eyes. You must make sure that you apply a slightly daintier color in terms of eye shadow like silver or beige.

9. All That Glitters Is Gold

Amongst all the makeup ideas for blue eyes this trick is the most glamorous of them all. Gold eye shadow and bright blue eyes, no greater combination ever existed. This pairing is not only stunning but also classy and elegant. You can up your glam with this gold eye shadow and wouldn’t need any other of accessories to help you shine. All you need to do is apply a glossy gold eye shadow along with one coat of black mascara and then you are ready to head out that door and stun the world.

10. Contrast Is The New Similarity

Actually, this makeup tip can go for any eye color, but all the more for blue eyes. To fashion the utmost exciting and lovely look, you must aim for a contrasting look. But make sure that you don’t use eye shadows or eyeliners that will match your eye color very closely. On the other hand, you can go with something that is a bit more spunky and sparkly to draw out the gorgeous color of your eyes.

11. Do Without A Bottom Eyeliner

Occasionally, applying the bottom eyeliner is the correct way to go. However at many times, your blue eyes can look definitely striking without the need for the bottom eyeliner. In this way, your eyes will look much larger, instead of seeming boxed in, and more cheerful. If you want to use something, you must use white eyeliner to go along with your lower lash line in order to make your eyes seem bigger and rounder.


Eye makeup can seem like a huge task if not done properly. If you wish to give those blue eyes of yours a little boost then you must follow a few simple tricks.