How To Put Your Hair In A Bun? – 5 Styles That Are Incredibly Awesome

Bun hair styles are always in- be it summer, winter, springtime or fall. The best part of bun making is that you can make them super quick once you have mastered a particular style. Besides, different styles of hair buns to suit various occasions can also be made. Messy buns, classic buns, top knots, etc can be worn in accordance with the occasion you are attending- be it dropping your children at the school, attending a wedding party, going to church, or any other thing. This article tells you how to put your hair in a bun in 5 different ways. Read on to have some bun styles up your sleeve.

How To Put Your Hair In A Bun?

How To Put Your Hair In A Bun

1. The Messy Bun

For any type of bun making, the foremost step is to prepare your hair by brushing it out thoroughly in order to completely detangle it. Here are instructions on how to put your hair in a messy bun.

  • Now grab all of your hair at the front close to your face. Hold them all using one hand at a spot where you want your hair bun to stay.
  • For a sophisticated look, the location should be on your head’s top; for a professional appearance, it should be placed at the center of your head at the back; for a carefree look, this should be at your neck’s nape; and a playful look, at the off center at the back of your head.
  • Since it is a messy bun, do not brush your hair so smoothen it out. You just have to pick up your hair.
  • Using an elastic band wrap your hair about three times to secure it tightly. When you do the third wrap, leave some of your hair hanging out at the bottom.
  • Your hair will be in a big loop now, and you will have a tail at its bottom. Hold the tail and wrap it at the base of the knot to cover up the band completely.
  • Using a few bobby pins secure the tail at the base.
  • Now part the hair loop at the center and pin the two sides to your scalp.
  • Pull out some hair strands here and there to let them hang loosely. This will enhance the messy appearance of your hair bun.
  • Apply hair spray for a long lasting messy bun.

2. The Top Knot Bun

Prepare your hair by brushing it thoroughly to remove tangles and knots. Here are instructions on how to put hair in a bun – the topknot bun.

  • If you want a messy look, use your hands to pull your hair back; and for a classy look, brush it back using a comb.
  • Collect all of your hair into one hand on your head’s top. Ensure that no strand is left loose.
  • Twist all of it in a single direction to make a knot, and wrap it around to make a spiral knot.
  • Wrap an elastic hair band around the spiral knot at the base of the spiral knot.
  • If desired, you can pull out some strands, and if not, leave it as such.
  • If you have hairs hanging at the nape of your neck, pin them up using hair clips.
  • Secure up everything using a mist of hairspray.

3. The Ballerina Bun

Prepare your hair by brushing it out thoroughly to remove all tangles and knots. Since the Ballerina bun style is made on a completely slicked back hair, slightly dampen your hair with a mist of water if you have frizzy hair. Here are instructions on how to put your hair in a bun- the Ballerina style.

  • Smoothly brush your hair into a nice ponytail on the top or any other location on your head.
  • Wear an elastic hair band to secure a completely smooth ponytail. You may have to brush your hair thoroughly for this.
  • Also, ensure that every strand of your hair is included in the ponytail.
  • Wrap your hair into a spiral bun at the base of your ponytail without twisting your hair.
  • Tuck the ends under the spiral bun and use bobby pins to secure them.
  • Make sure that the bobby pins go under the bun, and not over or around it.
  • Set it all up with a strong hairspray, and smoothen out your hair strands using your fingers.

4. The Braided Bun

  • Brush out your hair thoroughly to remove the knots and tangles in it. For a braided bun, either you can have all or part of your hair pulled back. So brush accordingly. If you have frizzy hair, slightly dampen it by spraying some water over it.
  • You can choose the location of your braided bun over your scalp, and secure the pulled back hair using an elastic hair band. If you need a sophisticated appearance, brush your hair, or else pull back hair using your fingers.
  • Start braiding your hair from the base until the end of the ponytail. At the end, hold on without securing it with an elastic hair band, as you will be pinning it to your scalp. If you are worried that the braids will start coming out, then you can use a small clear elastic band whose presence is not obvious.
  • Beginning at the base of the braid, start wrapping it around into spiral bun. Upon reaching the end, tuck it under the bun’s base and secure tightly using bobby pins.
  • If you would like to give it a messy look, pull out some strands of your hair from outside the bun.
  • Complete the look by adding classy hair accessories.

5. The Sock Bun

  • Prepare your hair by removing the knots and tangles by brushing your hair.
  • Choose a location on your head where you would like your sock bun to stay. Pull back your hair and secure it with an elastic hair band.
  • Choose a clean old sock that is of the same color as your hair color. Cut off the closed end to get a cloth tube. Roll it up to get it into the shape of a doughnut.
  • Slide this onto your ponytail to reach the base. Ensure that no hair strand is left out of the ponytail.
  • Now, hold up your ponytail and slide the sock to the ponytail’s base.
  • Wrap your hair ends around the sock in such a way that a loop is formed and your hair ends are in the sock’s center hole.
  • Roll the sock towards your ponytail’s base so that a hair loop is formed around the sock.
  • As you rock the sock, move the hair around to leave no area of the sock exposed.
  • Upon getting to the base, adjust the bun to make it look just the way you want.
  • If you worry that it may come out, secure it with some bobby pins.
  • Finish the look by spraying it with some hair spray.