How To Make A Sugar Scrub?

One of the good steps to have more radiant, softer, and younger looking skin is to remove the dry, old and dead skin cells of the skin. In order to achieve such situations, the best thing to do is to exfoliate. The best and natural exfoliants that can be available at your own kitchen would be the sugar scrub. The best part of which is you can also add some other components that you can see at your own home. How to make a sugar scrub is quite easy and it may only take about few minutes to make.

How To Make Sugar Scrub?

How To Make A Sugar Scrub

What Is The Importance Of Exfoliation?

At certain point in time, there would be some new skin cells that will grow on the skin’s inner layer or the dermis part of the skin. As these new skin cells are formed, the old and dead skin cells will be pushed to the outer layer part of the skin or the epidermis. These old and dead cells will slowly flake off.  However, some of them are still there for quite too long which can make the complexion of the skin rough and doll. This may even clog the pores and can cause acne and some other blemishes in the skin. Exfoliation is important because it can get rid of the old and dead cells in the skin and may even help in preventing acne and other skin blemishes. It is essential to always keep in mind that you must exfoliate your body.  The effective way to exfoliation is using the sugar scrub with some honey or lemon.  This kind of scrubbing method that you will use can remove the old and dead skin cells that are present in the skin and may also increase the flow of blood which may result to lesser cellulites.


Sugar is available in any household. It is a good source of glycolic acid. Glycolic acids increase the production of new cells and breaks down the protein that are retains the dead cells in the skin.

Ways On How To Make A Lemon And Sugar Scrub

In order to have a lemon and sugar scrub you must prepare a half fresh lemon, half a cup of sugar that is granulated, 1 tablespoon of olive oil, 1 tablespoon of pure honey, and 1 container or a bowl. Lemon is a good component to add with the sugar scrub because it is a natural source for vitamin C. It is also a good ingredient because it can help in lightening sun and age spots and can even out the tone of the skin. Lemon is also a natural stringent that can tighten the pores and can brighten the complexion of the skin. Olive oil is added on the mixture because it has high amounts of vitamin E that can help in soothing and healing the skin, it is also a natural moisturizing ingredient that is often used for the benefit of anti aging.  Honey is another good ingredient for the sugar scrub because it is a natural anti-oxidant and is a perfect ingredient for the prevention of aging. It is natural humectant so it locks that water into the skin and can keep the complexion of the skin always hydrated. The antibacterial benefits of the honey can also be beneficial for skins that are prone to acne and can reduce the breakouts of acne.

To start with the process of the lemon and sugar scrub, you must first mix the lemon juice and the olive oil in to the container. Add the honey and then stir it with a whisk or a fork until the consistency of the ingredients become medium to thick.  After that, you can already add or lessen the amount of olive oil and honey depending on how thick you want the scrub. You can add one half of the lemon for every one half cup of the sugar. Mix the sugar with the mixture and then continue to whisk. If the sugar is not enough for the scrub then continue adding some until you get contented with the amount.

Sugar Scrub For Face

You can use this mixture for this sugar scrub for face but you should be gentle when applying the mixture. Apply the mixture on your face on a circular motion so as to massage the face and promote blood flow. Massage the face for about 30 seconds in a circular motion. This kind of scrub is good for those people who are suffering from breakouts and acne because all of the ingredients are good for acne-prone skins. The lemon can tighten the pores and can even the tone of the skin, the sugar can remove the dead skin cells and can also clean the pores while the olive oil promotes healing of the acne scarring and honey can also prevent the breakouts of the acne. You can apply the lemon and sugar mixture on your face when you are on a shower or when you are on a sink. When you are using the lemon and sugar on your face, you should be very careful for open wounds because the lemon can sting and can be painful. When the mixture is applied on the face gently, you can leave it there for about 7 to 10 minutes and then wash your face with cool water afterwards. You can make a new batch of lemon and sugar scrub for every 2 to 3 weeks to make sure the ingredients are working effectively. One of the advantages of adding citrus on the scrub is that the scrub can smell great. The citrus can also increase the mood of the person and can make them feel refreshed and energized at the same time.

You need not to buy some expensive products to make your skin healthy and be exfoliated because you can already make your own facial scrub on your kitchen.  The lemon and sugar scrub is the perfect match for those who are looking for cheap and effective way for making the skin smooth, even skin tone and be acne-free.