How To Make A Bun With A Sock In Minutes?

Being a woman, you always want to steal all the glamour in a party. Thus, you work on every aspect of your appearance – from head to toe. There are various things that play most significant role when it comes to forming an attractive appearance. But when it comes to modifying your look within a few minutes, hair can be the only option to go with. If you are looking for a quick alteration in your look, you need to work on your hair style. With the help of different types of hair styles, you could be able to achieve different types of attractive looks. There could be dozens of hair styles to go with, but the most effective and popular one is the bun. Whether you want to achieve a classic look or want to be a stylish enough, a hair bun can be of great help in achieving the desired appearance. Do you know how to create hair bun? Your answer may be yes, but if you are asked whether you know how to create a sock bun, you may say no. If this is the case, read the given below systematic guidelines to know how to make a bun with a sock.

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How To Make A Bun With A Sock?

How To Make A Bun With A Sock

1. Choose Your Sock

Before getting into the actual process of making a bun with a sock, you first need to choose a sock. However, choosing a sock largely depends on your fashion preferences, but still you can consider a few tips.

  • You are suggested to choose an odd or old sock, which isn’t in vogue. At all costs avoid choosing a sock, which is still in trend. Else, you will appear weird with your hair bun.
  • Your chosen sock must be of mid-shin or ankle length. Anything longer than this may risk bunching up. It is observed that socks of short sizes are more capable of cradling and holding your bun in its place.
  • You need to choose a sock that won’t create or shed extraordinary number of loose threads. Choosing a sock with lower number of loose threads means better cutting.
  • While choosing a sock, make sure it should blend adequately with the color of your hair.

2. Cut It

Now that you have a sock of your choice, you are ready for the next step. You should be very conscious while cutting the sock. So, you need to take below things into consideration.

  • With the help of a fabric scissors, cut or remove the toe-end of your chosen sock.
  • You need to create or make a tube by cutting the sock. Therefore, you are suggested to cut your sock as much as it is really needed.
  • If you are confused on how to cut a sock to create bun sock, you can follow the existing seam. This way, you will get a straighter and cleaner cut.

3. What Next?

After cutting the sock in an appropriate size, now you need to create a ponytail.

  • You need to put your own hair in this ponytail. Gently roll up your sock to make it ring or donut shaped.
  • Now, slip it thoroughly over the existing ponytail.
  • You need to pull it to the main base of the bunch of hair or ponytail especially to confirm whether every hair is placed inside it or not.

4. Start Tucking Your Hair

Since you want to create a firmer, bigger and tighter bun using a sock, you must learn this exclusive point associated with the process of how to make a bun with a sock- Once all of your hair is placed inside the existing sock, you need to pull it as near to the ends as possible. Tuck the hair simply into the center and around the side of the bun. This way, you will be able to have all the hair at one place.

The final endeavor

  • Now, roll your sock down.
  • You need to hold firmly all of your hair at the end, especially at the main area of sock, and then roll the available fabric down simply towards the bottom of the ponytail.
  • Now, your hair would be gathered like a ring around the sock.
  • Finally, rotate your sock so that it can thoroughly cover all hair. While rolling the sock, make it sure that no part of it is visible.

Yes, you have done it!

  • When your sock has touched the bottom of the ponytail, you need to tug on the available edges and thoroughly manage them to hide the sock completely.
  • Remember, the process should be done in such a way that only your hair should be visible.
  • For this, you can use bobby pins to adjust the bun to your head.
  • In case of noticing any issue, you can also use hairspray.

Additional Tips And Ideas

Apart from the above-mentioned systematic guideline on how to make a sock bun, you also need to consider stated below additional tips and ideas.

  • If you want to create a more professional and tighter look, you can make the bun while your hair is still damp. On the other hand, if you need a casual and messy bun, you can do it with dry hair.
  • In case of looking for highly persuasive hair bun, you need to apply hair styling gel before casing your hair around a sock.
  • If you are fashionable enough, you can use your imagination to achieve a certain trendy look. For this, you can use hair accessories such as ribbons and headbands.
  • If you would love to have a messy bun, you must try creating the bun without brushing your hair.
  • If you are creative enough, you may consult a hair stylist. A professional hair stylist can transform your vague ideas into a mesmerizing sock bun.
  • If you want to enhance the visibility of your sock bun, you should dress yourself accordingly. Different types of buns can be highlighted through different types of dressings. So, learn more about in from the net, or try your own variations to know what would best suit your bun.

Here is a video on how it is done: