How To Get Rid Of Split Ends?

The battle with split ends has been an unsettling issue faced by millions of women globally. It is unforgiving to just about anybody. Whether you are a woman with a preference for natural over chemical products, old or young, you are often left exposed to the risk of split ends. Most experts say that the split ends are one of the important causes why most clients come for a hair trim.

Split ends usually occur when the outer surface of the hair wears off due to the external stress acting on it. An average woman experiences split ends when delicate hair is heat treated, and harsh chemicals are applied. The frail hair is always susceptible to damage because, once the internal structure of the hair is left open; it becomes dehydrated, damaged and weak. It then results in split ends.

While it is a common practice among many to trim the split ends hoping a positive recovery from the situation, it isn’t the only way to control the damage. There is a list of alternatives that you can do to improve the damage rather than snipping them. So, somewhere between you salon appointments and your home is the perfect remedy to treat the split ends.

How To Get Rid Of Split Ends?

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Here is the list of remedies that is an answer to how to get rid of split ends without cutting it.

Using Wide Tooth Comb

After the application of conditioner, gently run a wide tooth comb through the strands of hair. You should be able to untangle the rigid knots. By following this method, you also make sure that your hair doesn’t snap or break while you brush. Especially, after you have towel dried your hair.

Pay Attention To The Heating Device

Many do not realize the implication of using hot dryers. They can burn the hair and weaken them from the roots. So watch what you buy. Budget products can be tempting to buy. But, along with it comes a significant risk of hair damage. You are recommended to invest in researching the best products that are hair friendly.

Ex. Remington Style Therapy: Keratin Therapy Hair Dryer.

Go easy

Unless you feel and treat your hair in a tender way, there isn’t a chance for you to prevent damage. To keep your hair lasting longer and looking healthier, you will have to nurture and be sensitive to it. If you have a habit of typing pony tail use elastic that is having not metal parts. If you are aiming for a chic look, choose products that are made of gel and finishing spray. But, do not tug your hair too firmly to get that look.

Folic Acid And Biotin Will Keep Your Hair Looking Great

Like the saying goes – “you are what you eat”. Each hair strand is made of nutrients those results in protein build-up. Vitamin B substances like (biotin and folic acid) are excellent hair supplements. They add length, thickness and youth to your hair.

Red blood cell production is boosted by folic acid. It also helps the hair grow longer and healthier. Eat folic acid rich foods such as fresh leafy veggies, wheat, soya and citrus fruits like oranges. Strength is added to your hair by the Biotin. It is obtained from breaking down of carbs, fat, and protein. Also, eat lots of lentils, brown rice, peas, walnuts, sunflower, and soya.

Leave-in Conditioner

The application of the right type of conditioners in a right way can go a long way in preserving the hair from the damage of split ends.

The conditioner that are easily washed off from hair will offer little or no protection against the split ends. A leave-in conditioner will act as an extra insulation against damage. Especially, if you are heat-treating your hair or exposing to the pollutants.

Consider using the conditioner from “Pureology’s Essential Repair Split End Correcting Treatment”. Using this conditioner after washing your towel dried hair will bring best results.

Blow-Dry Your Hair The Right Manner

Naturally drying the hair is always the best to keep it from being damaged. But, if that isn’t feasible, you can always choose to blow-dry your hair. But, make sure that your hair isn’t exposed to excess heat for a prolonged period. You must use a nozzle attached to your dryer. Dry your hair starting from the top and ending at the bottom. Finally, finish off by drying with a round brush.

For better results, blow dry your hair after drying them naturally 90%

Restrict Using Damaging Substances

Your hair is sensitive, and it is most vulnerable when you experiment a variety of chemicals and unnatural styling agents. Use of hair straighteners, chemical hair colors and perms will easily damage the hair and result in split ends.

The best approach to deal with split ends is to subject your hair to any of such styling treatment once a while and allow a mammoth time to recover before you reapply. You must avoid washing the hair strands for 48 hours after the application. Your hair will be more vulnerable to breakage during this time.

Trim Your Hair Regularly

While it is popularly accepted that the split ends can be brought under control by trimming your hair at regular intervals

Experts say the longer you do not trim the hair, the greater are the chances of triggering the split ends. Once you get the split ends, it only gets worse as he damage can migrate all the way to your hair shaft. Hence, it is recommended to trim your hair to avoid the damage from destroying your hair entirely.

It is best to cut your hair every six to eight weeks

It is naturally understood the value of the good looking hair. It is hard to have a head full of hair that is undamaged and impeccable. Noting the fact that the average person lays exposed to pollution and other form of damages. But, it is a better practice to take sufficient precautions despite the possibility of hair damage. Hence, you can minimize the damage to a great extent.