How To Get Rid Of Chapped Lips And Have Them Soft Again?

A chapped lip is a rather common phenomenon among people of young age especially, but this condition or problem if you might say doesn’t only have to do with age. There’s a variety of factors which causes one’s lips to get chapped or dry, including the weather, a person’s health, the environment or atmosphere and low moisture. Dry or chapped lips look unattractive and are also sometimes painful. Peeling off the half dead skin from your lips leads to bleeding most times. Some methods to get rid of chapped lips are mentioned below. Dry or chapped lips require extensive care because if they aren’t treated properly they might turn into something rather serious.

Dry lips look very bad on a person’s mouth and are just annoying in general. Lips basically get dried up because they are more sensitive and lack specific types of oil glands which produce the much needed moisture for the body elsewhere. Chapping of the lips is often referred to the drying up of lips; both the terms are basically the same. A person who is prone to getting chapped/dry lips should steer clear of cold weather and harsh outdoor conditions. And s/he should also follow the precautionary measures needed to avoid this problem.

How To Get Rid Of Chapped Lips?

How To Get Rid Of Chapped Lips

Prevention of chapped lips is simple yet complicated, a person should always keep in mind if s/he’s prone to getting chapped lips the precautionary measures one should take in order to get rid of this daunting problem. Given below are some measures that might come in handy for preventing chapped lips:


Drinking lots of water is key, water provides the much needed moisture that is needed to avoid the chapping or drying up of lips. Hydration moisturizes the skin making it plump while dehydration makes the skin dry causing it to die and peel off. Remember drinking 8 glasses of water daily.

Lip balm:

Lip balm does wonders in helping a person recover or prevent the chapping of lips, but certain types of lip balms are more harmful than useful. A person should choose a proper lip balm with herbal ingredients over an artificially flavored one. Lip balm should be applied before washing your face and before going outdoors.

Go herbal:

Use herbal remedies for your problems, for example if you have dry lips due to any reason you could try putting Aloe Vera or cucumber. Cucumbers can help hydrate the dry dehydrated lips. Just cut a slice of a cucumber and put it against your lip for some time. While Aloe Vera can help in recovering from the cracks caused by chapping lips, it also provides relief from the pain.

Use  a lotion:

Moisture is very important for skin, and lotions help keep the skin moisturized. A person should apply lotion on his or her lips daily in the morning for best results. Alternative to using a lotion on your lips is either using a humidifier or a proper moisturizer designed for the said purpose, applying these coupled with some herbal products make the lips smooth and hydrated free from chapping.

What causes chapped lips?

Chapped lips might be caused by harsh weather conditions; extreme hot or cold weathers. But it generally tends to happen more often during the winter weather. Some more causes include dehydration meaning that the body isn’t getting enough water to keep things going in the proper way. Experts believe a person should drink 8 glasses of water daily; being hydrated might cause your lips to not get chapped again. Licking your lips only makes things worse because spit dries off rather quickly leaving your lips even drier than before. So, basically you should load up on water and stop licking your lips.  Apart from that a person shouldn’t use flavored lip balms, the flavors make the person lick his or her lips even more making them even drier.

Prevention of chapped lips

Preventing your lips from getting chapped can be tricky, it’s no easy task but it isn’t impossible either. As mentioned before, chapped lips are caused due to a variety of factors. For one to tackle this problem he should have proper knowledge of the working behind it meaning what causes this problem. These various factors include; climate conditions, harsh weather, dehydration, low hygiene, and eating spicy food. Or just being lazy in terms of personal grooming as well. Sometimes even your toothpaste is the reason behind chapped lips, some toothpaste has some additives in them which cause the lips to irritate over time and get dry. A person should have the complete knowledge of the do’s and don’ts if he wishes to get rid of this problem for good. Like spicy foods and sour, citrusy things cause chapped lips as well. If the person gets dry lips regularly it may be due to his or her medications. A person should always keep a vigilant eye out for artificial products as these are very harmful for already chapped lips. Some other preventative measures are stated as follows:

Buy a humidifier: The drying/chaffing of lips is mainly caused by dehydration or the loss of moisture in one’s lips. So, what a humidifier does is keeps the air around you moist providing you with the moisture your lips need.

Cover properly: When leaving for outdoors a person should always cover according to the atmosphere, given the conditions are really cold a person should always wear a scarf around his/her lips while going out. Lips are more prone to drying up and cracking due to the cold weather, but this can easily be prevented by following this step.

Use sunscreen: If the person has to face very harsh weather of extreme heat or is under some circumstances that require him/her to be directly exposed to the hot sun, s/he should always wear an adequate amount of sunscreen, the body loses moisture very quickly when sweating so it is rather common to get dehydrated if a person roams around in the sun a lot. Sunscreen keeps the moisture of the lips intact preventing it from getting dried.