How To Get Rid Of A Sunburn Overnight?

“Prevention is better than cure” goes an age old saying and you must have heard it many a times. The proverb holds really valuable when it comes to sunburn, preventing sunburns is much less of a pain than getting rid of them. Probably you too have gained some ugly patchy sunburns like me that are disrupting your skin tone and you too are worried, “How to get rid of a sunburn overnight?” Fortunately, the fact is that eliminating the sunburns might seem difficult, but it is possible to do so using some well-known remedies. Now, let us discuss how some simple materials readily work on sunburns. Also, we shall talk about some tips related to prevention and cure of sunburns.

Things To Do Right After Getting A sunburn

how to get rid of sunburn fast

Move Away From Scorching Sunlight

The moment you start realizing that your skin is undergoing a burning sensation, you should move away from the bright area towards an area with shade. In any case, avoid direct sunlight to fall on your skin.

Take A Cold Shower

Even after you get back home, the skin might keep burning for quite some time, like other skin burns. As a measure to reduce the intensity of the sunburn, you should stand under a cold shower for 2-10 minutes.

Apply Cream Or Aloe Vera Lotion

After you have taken a shower and wiped your body, treat your skin with an application of an aloe vera lotion, all over your skin. Aloe vera contains natural ingredients that can cool down the skin and heal it. But be cautious that the aloe vera cream is devoid of high alcohol content, as the alcohol can cause the skin to get drier. Consequently, the healing process will take a longer span of time. Moreover, choose the lotions that do not have too much of fragrance, as they can be spread over the skin more easily. It will also be much effective if you can apply aloe vera gel directly on the sunburns, by extracting it from a leaf. All you have to do is cut open a fresh leaf of aloe vera and rub the exposed gel gently over the sunburns.

Consume Lots Of Water

Exposure to the sun and heat for a longer time may not only cause sunburn, but will also cause dehydration. So do not forget to drink ample of water for some days to beat the adverse effects.

Measures To Be Taken At Home

Apply Cold Compress

Subjecting your skin to cold compress will help a lot in fast recovery of the sunburnt skin. Take a few sheets of paper towels and damp them. Wrap 3 ice pieces into them to make a cold compress. Dab the compress on the sunburns and the skin surrounding them. Following a 5 minutes routine of doing it every day will administer a great relief.

Avoid Using Beauty Products Containing Fragrance

For the coming few days try not to use any acne creams, lotions or makeup. These products escalate the sensitivity of your skin towards the sun and make your skin redder.

Use Hydrocortisone Lotion

To decrease further inflammation, use a lotion that contains 1 percent of hydrocortisone. It is essential to store such a lotion in the refrigerator to maintain its effectiveness.

Non-steroidal Anti-inflammatories

If you are having a severe inflammation of the skin, headache or pain, it will be better if you take non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medicines. Fever will also come down by consuming such medicines.

Treating The Blisters

Anti-bacterial Spray

If any region on your skin has broken open, do not forget to apply anti-bacterial spray on it.

Do Not Pop Blisters

Never make an attempt to pop those blisters, which have occurred due to sunburns. The chances are high that they may get infected and the healing process may get hindered if you try to pop the blisters.

Leave The Area Open

Do not cover the area that is affected by sunburns using bandages, clothing or thick lotions.

Home Remedies For Curing Sunburns

In addition to the above mentioned precautions and tips, we would like to give you some home remedies too, which will help you to get rid of sunburn fast. Read on.


Yogurt is packed with probiotics and enzymes that aid in healing the damaged skin. Fast restoration of redness of the burns and relief in pain can be achieved by using yogurt. But you should make use of a yogurt that contains no flavors. It has to be plain.

Firstly, wash your hands and clean them to get rid of dirt. Then spread the yogurt over the sunburns and leave it for five minutes. Wash off using cool water.


Potato contains soothing properties and can give relief from the agonizing feeling of the sunburns. Cut a potato into a few slices. Rub the slices on the skin that is damaged by sunburns. You can also form a paste of potatoes and apply it to the sunburns. Wash it off, after drying. Repeat the process 3 to 4 times in a day to get better results.


As the cucumber is made up of 96% water and is full with healthy nutrients like silica, sulfur, manganese, folate, vitamins A and C, it administers cooling and soothing effects to the skin. The huge amount of anti-analgesics and anti-oxidants contributes to healing the skin, in a natural way.

You can either cover the sunburns with slices of cucumbers for some time or apply a cucumber paste to the affected areas. Only the damaged skin has to be treated this way and the paste should be allowed to stay for about 20 minutes. You can also use cucumber juice as a cool compress.

Green Tea And Mint

Green tea contains tannins and theobromines. These substances heal the sunburns and give relief from the pain. Mint has cooling and soothing characteristics naturally.

Take five bags of green tea and three cups of fresh mint leaves in a vessel. Pour some boiled water into the vessel. Cover it with a lid. Keep it aside for at least one hour. Strain the fluid and chill it. Soak some cotton balls in the prepared chilled liquid. Place the soaked pads on the sunburns. You can also apply the liquid directly to the damaged area. If you have run out of green tea, you can also use black tea.

Coconut Oil

You may have used coconut oil as a sun-block. Well, you can even use it for curing the sunburn patches on the skin. The lauric acid contained in the coconut oil boosts its healing properties. Coconut oil is used in various skin-care products, as it can prevent irritation of the skin. All you need to do is apply a generous quantity of coconut oil on the areas with sunburns. Skin can easily soak coconut oil, so there is no need to wash it. Adding a few drops of any aromatic oil will make the treatment more relaxing. Remember, never to apply coconut oil immediately after getting sunburn. Apply it after one or two days.

This was all about How to get rid of a sunburn overnight? We hope these tips will be useful to you in getting relief from the effects of sunburns. You too can share your valuable tips with other readers by mentioning them in the comment box given below.