How To Do Pedicure At Home?

There is no occasion or a reason required to pamper your own self. You can just love yourself and continue to enhance your beauty by learning to do pedicure at home. Your feet are your best friend. They walk with you at each and every moment and in all good and rough times and witness all the patchy roads on which you run, stroll or walk.

So let us pamper our feet and give them that glow as it is not only the face which deserves to look good and feel relaxed.

What All You Will Need?

How to do pedicure at home

Let us collect all the necessary ingredients and equipment for the process before we are ready to start our action.

Here is the list of items you would need to do pedicure at home.

1. Lukewarm water

2. Body wash or a shampoo

3. A big bowl or a tub

4. Flower petals (optional- just for your luxury)

5. Scrub

6. Nail cutter

7. Pusher (for cuticles)

8. Cream (For cuticles)

9. Buffer

10. Pumice

11. Nail paint remover

12. Cotton balls

13. Moisturizing cream

14. Clean towels or tissue paper

The Process

Pedicure at home will not only save you huge money you spend at salons every month but will give you that great self- satisfaction too. You will be able to give each and every step any amount of time you want. There will be no rush for anything and results will definitely turn out to be beyond your expectations. So let us learn the process step by step.

1. Wipe That Paint Out

  • So the first step involves removing any nail paint you have already on your nails.
  • Take little amount of nail paint remover or even an acetone on a ball of cotton and wipe it off.
  • Check for nail paint remover for sensitive skin if you have any allergy issues with the nail paint remover.
  • If you have no nail color done, still wipe your nails once with the remover to let the surface be clean.

2. Take The Tub Out

  • Fill your bowl or tub with lukewarm water and add some bath soap or shampoo or specialized salts for bath in the water.
  • To get that salon kinda feel, you can add flower petals in the same bowl or a tub.
  • Light some fresh smelling scented candles and a piece of an instrumental music you like to give yourself a magic feeling.
  • Now, put your feet in the tub, immerse it till ankle and just engross in that music and enjoy the fresh smelling candles!
  • Remove your feet after 10-15 minutes or once you feel the water has turned cold.
  • Wipe your feet off with a clean towel.

3. Start Trimming Or Cutting

  • Now when your nails and the cuticles have become soft, remove that dirt from the sides of the nails.
  • Also, cut or trim your nails and prepare them for next step.
  • Do not cut it in very short length.
  • You can also give them some good shape according to your choice.

4. Push It Up

  • This is a delicate step which needs little patience.
  • Take your cuticle pusher and push back your cuticles. You might skip this step; however it gives a nice touch to your nails so it’s better if you follow the process.
  • Also, take a cuticle cutter and remove the side growth which spoils the beauty of your feet.
  • Once you are done, apply cuticle cream.

5. Use Your Buffer

  • Smoothen up the surface of the nails with the help of your nails buffer and you can add little luxury to the process by using the buffing powder along.
  • Give more weightage to the sides and the edges of the nails so that your nail looks clean and well managed.
  • Make sure you use the buffer in a single direction and tilt it so that it reaches to all the corners of your nails.

6. The Fun Part

  • Yes, it is the fun part. Time for taking your feet on your hand and rubbing that pumice stone on it.
  • When you soak your feet the skin becomes soft and thus when you rub it with the pumice, all the dead skin comes out.
  • Do not be very cruel while doing this. Just gently rub your feet and see what all comes out, the dirt, dead skin, calluses and so on.
  • It is strictly a no- no to use equipment with pointed surface as they would cause you irritation and might also lead to infections.
  • Do take little water, if there is lot of drying of the surface of feet.
  • Clean your feet once you are done with this process. Wipe it off with a towel soaked in water.

7. Pamper It More

  • Take scrubbing or massaging cream and start with upward moment right from your feet to your knees.
  • You can scrub it and massage it as well.
  • Continue to do it till the moment your feet and legs feel relaxed.
  • Again clean your legs and feet once massaging is done and pat them dry.

8. Painting Time

  • Yes, so now we are done with all the steps and it is time for making the tough choice on the color of your nail paint.
  • Do not forget to apply the base coat to your nails before you apply your favorite color.
  • Apply only one coat of the base coat and apply it with outward stroke to avoid any stroke marks and proper finish.
  • Let the base coat dry before you apply the next and the final layer.
  • Once it is dry, apply nail polish of your choice in the same manner as the base paint.
  • Let it dry properly or you can also use nail polish dryer machine for the same.
  • If you do not wish to give your nails any color, you can opt for the latest French pedicure.
  • It involves applying nude color nail paint and painting your tips white.

9. Handy Tips

  • It is better to keep your feet covered with soaks for about 24 hours so that the dirt and dust do not goes into the nails and the effect of pedicure lasts longer.
  • If you have less time to follow the entire process, you can carry on the steps in bits and parts throughout the week.
  • It is also a great idea to keep your feet moisturized every day.
  • Follow the cleaning and scrubbing routine, twice a week.
  • Allow your nail to get that natural oxygen and sunlight, so make sure you do not keep them painted always.