How To Cut Your Own Hair Short?

Cutting your own hair short can be tricky at times and might seem the hardest thing to do but it isn’t impossible. To help you, we are going to tell you the right way to do it. Though DIY haircut is little risky but think about that big money you are going to save. However, if you are not confident or feel that you might end up messing up the whole thing, we advice you not to try this at home.

So, How To Cut Your Own Hair Short?

How To Cut Your Own Hair Short

Most beauty websites or experts will begin telling you to wash your hair, use a conditioner or use a hair spray. However, these things are not really required. All you need is to comb your hair neatly before you start cutting your own hair short. Now, if you still wish to clean your hair, it is your choice. If you feel that you are more comfortable with wet hair, then it is completely fine. Remember that wet hair shrink once they dry. Therefore, be very careful, especially if this is your first time. So, here are systematic instructions to help you cut your own hair.

  • Keep all the stuffs ready. Scissors, clothing, CreaClip, towel and hair dryer. Make yourself comfortable in a room with a mirror.
  • Begin by flipping your head down.
  • Brush or neatly comb all your hair in the front.
  • Now, take a long CreaClip and tie it neatly around your hair.
  • Aim for your mid-shaft or even higher so that you have sufficient space to level it and correct the desired length. But, this can be little tricky. Once you have done this right, as in decided how much hair you want to cut, the next step is to cut according t the shape you have thought.
  • Once everything is done, take off the clip from your hair and flip your tresses back over.
  • Brush or comb them neatly and admire the fantastic job you have done.

Here is a video to help you much better:

Here are few more vital tips to make a note of while cutting your own hair short:

  1. Keep Practicing

You cannot deny the fact that “practice makes a man perfect“. Hence, even before deciding to cut your own hair, practice by doing little trims or bangs. Doing this will help you know your locks better.

  1. Ask For Assistance

Now, if this is the first time you are ever going to cut your own hair short, then it is better ask someone to be with you. As in, your mom, sister or a friend perhaps. If someone is with you, they will be able to guide you the way you are chopping your tresses down. Even if you are not doing it correctly, they can tell you exactly how you did.

  1. Get The Right Tools

If you trying to learn how to cut your own hair short to save some money, then it is important to have the right tools with you. These usually include a professional comb and a good quality scissor. You may feel this unwanted but trust us, without proper tools, you will never able to cut your own hair neatly or in the way you wanted to. If you really want those clean cuts, own the right tools.

  1. Prepare Your Hair

Since it is a DIY hair cut, proper prepping is extremely vital. Though this is optional, we still recommend you do this if you want a perfect cut. First, wash your hair with a good shampoo and don’t forget to condition it as well. Make sure to detangle and neatly comb your hair. Split all your hair into clear sections with the help of clips and secure them firmly. Repeat the same steps for the side regions as well. Comb your hair again and chop according to your desired length. Now, start releasing your hair sections that you have clipped one at a time. Repeat the procedure after you have done with every hair section.

  1. Chop Them Neatly

Now is the fun part. This is when you are going to start cutting your hair. You need to make a note of few things before you actually start cutting your hair. Firstly, make a note that hair stretches when they are wet and appear much longer than they were. Hence, you should be very careful about this or you will end up cutting too short. Use 2 fingers to take small sections and slide your fingers down to cut the bottoms off. Repeat the same for next sections and ensure that you are cutting in same length.

  1. Avoid Cutting Them in Excess

Excess cutting is one of the biggest mistakes people do while cutting their own hair. Professionals usually advice chopping up ½ inch hair at a time and not more.

  1. Wet Them

To get that perfect Do It Yourself haircut, you have to make sure that your hair is wet until the cutting process is complete. Don’t allow them to dry, as it becomes little hard to cut properly. Have a spray bottle filled with water near you or maybe a mixture of conditioner and water.

  1. Soften The Hair Ends

Once you have reached your desired hair length, you need to do one more thing. Put your tresses into a nice scrunchie and then push them down until the hair ends. However, be little careful with this. Do this only if you are comfortable doing it because you will be shopping your locks vertically.

  1. Do An Inspection

Once everything is done, it is time to inspect your hair to make sure everything is perfect. Have a small mirror with you to check your hair at the back. Use the small mirror in every angle to inspect how you have done.