How To Clean Makeup Brushes At Home?

Most of the people overlook the fact that cleaning the makeup brushes is very vital to stay away from the skin problems. You must be knowing that a variety of bacteria is present on your face daily. As soon as you put your makeup brush, it gets transmitted on the brush. Now you can imagine, if you end up using the same unclean brush on your face, how many bacteria are you transmitting on your face! Dirty makeup brushes also lead to blocked pores and a dull complexion. So, it is not at all hygienic to use a dirty brush or even others brush to do your makeup. Many people ask the technique of how to clean makeup brushes at home?

how to clean makeup brushes at home

If you clean your brush properly and then use it for the makeup, you will get a sparkling and perfect color veracity. A clean makeup brush also removes the dead skin cells, dirt, excess oil and bacteria from the skin.

Your brush will stay soft if you clean it after you apply the makeup. Otherwise, the layers of the brush will become rough, and you will end up hurting yourself by giving a scratch to the skin. It is even more vital for you if you have sensitive skin. We all know that sensitive skin is more prone to infections.

If you do not think much about your brushes, it is the high time to think. Make sure you keep track that after how many days you are cleaning your brushes. If you are applying makeup daily, do not forget to clean your brush. Make it a habit of cleaning your brush every night so that you will get a clean and dry makeup brush in the morning.

I have listed out some effective ways so that you will clean the makeup brushes easily at home:

Detergent and Sponge:

Take a clean sponge and wet it totally. Soak your brush totally into it. Put some amount of detergent or baby shampoo on your sponge. If you want some good amount of foam, you can spin your brush on the sponge. Take some lukewarm water and rinse off your brush. Do not leave the shampoo or detergent in the brush otherwise it will affect your skin. Lastly, the excess amount of water and keep the brush on a dry towel.

Olive or Almond Oil:

It is the best method if you have not cleaned your brush for so long and it has a thick layer of makeup. Take a paper towel and put some drops of oil on it. Now wrap the brush on that towel and rub it gently. After cleaning your brush twist your brush onto a towel. Keep it aside so that it will dry completely.

Beauty Blenders:

Most of you must not be knowing what beauty blenders are. These are nothing but the sponges that are non-disposable. It helps in applying the makeup effortlessly. Cleaning the beauty blender is not an easy task as it takes some amount of time in the rinsing process. This time taking method will be worth it. There is no unique method for cleaning beauty blenders as the process is same like makeup brushes. Take some amount of lukewarm water and soak the blender into it. Make sure you put some detergent in the water. If mixing the detergent in the tub is not fine with you, try putting some baby shampoo or detergent in your hands and rub or roll the blender nicely, so that the detergent will spread all over the blender. Now rinse the blender in the water. It is not an obvious task as the blender soaks a large amount of product at one time. Be ready to repeat this process of rinsing for more than three times. Keep doing it until it gets nicely clean. After cleaning keep it on a flat place so that the excess amount of water will remove from the blender, and it will become totally dry.

People forget the handle of the brush after cleaning the brush. Make sure you do not end up doing this mistake. Cleaning the handle is not a tough task. Just rub some amount rubbing alcohol on the towel and twist the handle over it.

If you are getting some spots due to the harmful rays of the sun, then I have some steps for you to get rid of these sun spots and get a beautiful skin.

  1. Good Sunblock: Make sure you use that sunblock that is zinc oxide based. It contains the better amount of UVB and UVA coverage than anything else. Avobenzone based products do not work immediately on the skin, but it is not the same case with the zinc-based products. You can get the product according to your skin type and your lifestyle.
  2. Retin-A: It is one of the best skin care products present in the market. It gives so many benefits to your skin, like it thickens the dermis, exfoliates, reduces skin cancer, reduces the loss of elastin and last but not the least, it diminishes the brown spots.
  3. Hydroquinone: It is a kind of skin bleach which works perfectly with the sunspots. Make sure to follow the directions while using it.
  4. Lasers: This treatment should be the last option in your list. As the laser treatment has so many benefits, but it also have lots of disadvantages too. It sometimes do not work properly and can be very expensive for you than the other treatments.

Make sure you use these methods after discussing it with your doctor. He/she will advise you based on your skin type otherwise you need to face even more difficulties. To be one the safe side, ask your doctor first before applying any cream or product on your skin.

Now you know how to clean makeup brushes at home? Do apply these methods for keeping your brushes clean, neat and new forever.