How Long Does It Take For Hair To Grow Back?

With ever increasing need and hunger for beauty leading to rising demand of various beauty treatments, one other thirst cannot be missed and that is to have beautiful long and luscious hair. When there are all kinds of treatments, products and much more to give your hair a great look, we cannot miss the fact that the lifestyle we are leaving takes a toll on our mind and body as well. Stress, un-healthy eating habit, lack of nutrients is three words that act as enemies to your hair.

how long does it take for hair to grow back

Let us quench your thirst of questions like how long does it take for hair to grow and how to make hair grow? However, before we answer these questions, let us learn few facts about hair and hair related issues.

Factor Affecting Hair-Loss

Hair loss is the most common problem almost every individual faces today. Few might be affected deep and emotionally by it whereas few others who do not even care. So, for those for whom it really matters, let us understand what actually causes hair-loss.

1. Stress

  • This is one common factor which highly affects the hair-growth, not only causes hair-loss but also inhibits the growth of our lovely strands.
  • However, still it is inevitable that how stress directly affects hair-loss.
  • So, better to prevent yourself from not taking stress that start causing you trouble.

2. Crash Diet

  • The fad of getting the perfect body leads many people to go for crash dieting.
  • When you opt for it, your body starts depleting many necessary nutrients necessary for your day-to-day requirements.
  • Thus, do not opt for crash diet; take a guide on losing or maintaining your weight in a healthy manner.

3. Hormonal Imbalance

  • Hormones play a vital role in the growth of various body parts in our body.
  • However, when there is some disorder related to the secretion of hormones, the various functions gets disrupted.
  • This imbalance can be naturally or even due to few medicines you are popping up. (E.g.: Oral contraceptives )
  • Check with your doctor, if you have slight doubt on hormones giving you trouble.

There are many to the list such as pollution, sleep-deprivation, chemicals exposed to etc. which can also cause your loss of hair.

How Much Time Your Hair Will Take To Re-Grow?

  • Generally the growth of hair depends on an individual, his health and genetics.
  • Few people get a rapid hair growth where as in others the growth is sluggish and slow.
  • As per an average calculation, a normal person’s scalp contains around 115,000 – 140,000 hair strands.
  • Out of this, majority of the hair are in their growth phase while each strand on an average grows 0.5 inch every four weeks.
  • Depending upon your overall health and other factors affecting hair-growth, growing an inch of the hair takes about a month or so.

Artificial Means Of Faster Hair-Growth

There are various means available which induces the growth of the hair.

1. Serum Treatment

  • In this treatment, a thick liquid is applied to the scalp, this liquid is known as ‘Serum’.
  • It has all nutritive chemicals which boost up the growth of hair from its root.

2. Supplements Boosting Treatment

  • In this, various supplements are injected into the scalp to enhance the hair growth.
  • Such externally provided supplement mainly includes amino acids, vitamin-E and collagens which gives hair its luscious volume and shiny texture.

3. Thickening Treatment

  • This treatment makes use of nanogen which would safe guard the follicles of your hair from being damaged by radicals.
  • This will eventually lead to lesser hair-fall and thus the volume of hair increases.

4. Tricho Therapy

  • Tricho therapy involves keeping hair as well as scalp healthy.
  • It involves protection both from external atmosphere as well as internally.
  • The overall effect of the therapy is reduction in hair-loss.

Natural Means Of Faster Hair-Growth

It is a wise idea to stop loosing hair and gain the texture and volume you wish with the help of natural ingredients and methods. Let us learn how we can grow hair by natural means.

1. Give Your Scalp And Hair An Oil Massage

  • It’s a great way to give your hair, a healthy look!
  • Once in a week, rub your scalp as well as hair with lukewarm oil and keep it for 45-50 minutes before you wash your hair.

2. A Hot Water Towel

  • Wrap your hair with a towel soaked in hot water post hair-oil massage.
  • This will ensure that the oil incorporates into each and every hair-follicles and your hair gets all nutrients it deserves.

3. Lose Less To Gain More

  • Do comb your hair with a comb which has soft bristles.
  • Do it very gently and do not rub your scalp with comb very roughly.
  • This will reduce your hair-fall which can directly be the reason for your hair to look healthy.

4. Wash Your Hair Only Twice A Week

  • It is not a great idea to wash your hair every time you go for a bath or a shower.
  • This will allow your hair to retain its nutrients and thus the shine.
  • Also, do conditioner your hair every time you shampoo it.

5. Use Boiled Potato Water

  • This is a great way which will enhance your hair growth and your hair will fasten the process of growth.
  • The left over water when you boil potato can be used to rinse your hair and this will really do wonders!

6. Egg Mask

  • You can mix olive oil and yoghurt with an egg (whiten + yolk) and can spread this mixture all over the scalp and length of your hair.
  • Cover your hair with a shower bag so that the mask doesn’t dry off.
  • Shampoo your hair post 45 minutes after the application.
  • Repeat this application every week and your hair will increase in length as well as give you the shine you dream of.

7. Get A Trimming Done

  • Opt for just a trimming of your hair tips every 2 to 3 months.
  • This will increase the growth naturally.
  • Include Nutrition In Your Diet
  • Eating healthy will do wonders to your hair and even your skin.
  • Including fresh fruits and vegetables along with fish rich in oil (Vitamin-E) and sprouts will give you great results by providing the necessary nutrients for the growth.

There are various other ingredients which can also boost up the hair-growth, like apple cider vinegar, onion juice, castor oil, olive oil etc. However, always remember anything you apply externally doesn’t have that much effect on skin as what you eat and drink as it enhances the growth internally. Thus, remember to eat healthy, drink healthy and stay healthy for beautiful hair and most importantly, a healthy you!