How Long Does Eyelash Extensions Last?

One of the best assets that many women would surely invest their money is no other than their eyelashes. That’s a fact as studies have shown that women can live without any make-up items such as blush-ons and lipsticks, but they can never really go without a mascara. Lucky enough if you are one of the very few who are blessed with longer, fuller and lusher lashes because you would definitely do not need to read this article. However, for women who have eyelashes contradicting the descriptions that I have said earlier, you may be one of those who can’t let go of your mascara. You invest a great deal of money for the best brand of mascara, you invest time in making your lashes beautiful every time you go out, and most importantly, you invest yourself in the way to make yourself look fabulously fab.

How Long Does Eyelash Extensions Last

But why do you need to buy a mascara and spend several minutes of your day putting it on and re-touching it from time to time when you can just simply extend your lashes? If you never heard of an eyelash extension, you must have been living in a cave as eyelash extensions has already become one of the many trends of women fashion and beauty. If you are not familiar with it or know just a few bits about it, I am here to expand that learning and introduce you to the world of eyelash extensions.

How Long Does Eyelash Extensions Last?

For the first stop, we must know how does eyelash extension works? The process is quite tiring and meticulous as it involves dipping individual eyelashes into a medical-grade glue and bonded to your natural eyelashes. This is done with one lash at a time so expect that the process is rather long which usually last between 1-2 hours. This service can cost you a good deal between $100 and $500 depending on the eyelash of your choosing and the number you wished to add as well as the service fee of the cosmetician you chose.

How long do eyelash extensions last? Well, it is usually within 3-6 weeks depending on how much you take care of them. It is very important that you do your research first and look for a known salon where the cosmetician is license to perform the eyelash extension because only then can you ensure that you are on safe hands. It is also important to know what type of glue or adhesive they are using and make sure that it is non-formaldehyde because it may harm or cause irritation on your eyes and skin.

Now that you have great eyelashes, it is not for free and still requires maintenance. Though you can save more time than applying and re-touching your mascara daily, eyelash extensions can get damaged by excessive washing of face, eye rubbing, oil-based make-up removers as well as additional application of mascara. You should also take note not to use moisture-rich products as they can also damage your extensions.

When taking a bath, it is best that you tilt your head back so that you will not have it shampooed or have a trickle of water drop on it as it may loosen the adhesives that were used for its attachment. if you are one of those real aficionados of eyelash extensions and you don’t care in anything as long as you can protect your extensions, you may actually use goggles just to protect it from wetness. After you take your shower, gently comb your lashes or blow dry them, take note to set it on “cool”, to fan them back in their rightful places.

Taking care of your eyelashes needs quite a routine as well. When removing your make-up near your eye area, make sure to go gently over your eye with a wet wipe instead of placing cotton pads or puffs as cotton fibers can get trap on your eyelash extensions. It is also advisable that you sleep on your back for 2 nights from its application. It may sound crazy but the rationale behind the act is quite logical as the adhesive takes a long period to fully dry themselves out. If you do not sleep on your back, you may get kinks or some might even fall off. You can resume your normal position though once you ensure that it is fully dry and in place.

Another very important thing to note that might seem irrelevant but place a great role in making your lash extensions last longer is to never ever play with them. We both know that you look really great with those new long lashes and you can’t even stop yourself from constantly checking yourself in the mirror. Here’s the deal though, look all you want but do not ever touch them. Sure you may touch it whenever its necessary to re-touch or something but make sure to keep it to a minimum. Constant touching and playing of your lashes will eventually wear the glue out and it will start to fall off.

If the 3-6 weeks time frame is quite long for you and you only have one party to attend to which will require you just a few hours of eyelash extensions, you may go away with the semi-permanent lashes that we discussed earlier. Instead, you may opt for temporary false lashes that can last for 1-2 days. Just make sure that you remove them before showering, sleeping or swimming as they are only glued with a lash glue that holds lashes for a very limited period of time.

Indeed, beauty for a woman is one of the top priorities that a modern woman has on her mind. Eyelash extensions serve its duty as the lashes available may come in different lengths, colors and thickness. You may really play with your eyelashes and have a way with it from the most natural do to the craziest color combination that you can probably imagine. As a woman, we are beautiful on our own ways but it is not a bruise on our ego if we still work to make ourselves look even more beautiful. After all, we are born to attract and beauty means something.