How Long Do Lip Injections Last?

Every woman on this world surely wants to be attractive enough. When it comes to defining woman’s beauty, fuller lips always play one of the most significant roles. But due to various reasons, many women have to cope with substandard of lip sizes. If you are one among them, you might be looking for ways to make your lips fuller, sexy and well-shaped. There could be multiple ways to achieve this goal, but the most popular and fail-safe way is to go for lip enhancement. Lip enhancement can be done through various processes that include lip injections and even surgery. If you choose the former, you surely will be asking around how long do lip injections last? before finalizing your decision. So, read on to know more about lip enhancement and lip injections.

What Are Lip Injections?

How Long Do Lip Injections Last

These injections are used as a part of the overall lip enhancement process. In this cosmetic procedure, specialized fillers are injected into the human lips to offer them a fuller, sexy and more accurate lip line. The lip injection process may take around 30 minutes. It as well needs a local anesthetic to reduce and manage the discomfort and pain caused. Applying this cosmetic technique to achieve the desired lip line and shape is considered more effective and safer than surgery.

With the help of this cosmetic process, lips can be modified through injected liquid. Now, you will be wondering how long it takes for recovering from this cosmetic treatment. Actually it depends on the person. Usually, the process takes 30 to 40 minutes to be done. Patients can start noticing positive changes on their lips within 2 to 3 weeks. If you are confused on choosing the type of injections, you are advised to consult your family doctor.

Since different people have different needs, they aren’t supposed to use the same kind of treatment. It is highly recommended that before choosing the process, you must check out its pros and cons.

Are There Different Types Of Lip Injections?

Yes there are three different types of lip injections. Collagen injections, fat injections, and restylane injections are used for lip augmentation to give your lips their fullness. Now-a-days, collagen and fat injections are not commonly used for this purpose. Most physicians opt for restylane injections. Restylane is a gel based synthetic formula that mimics the naturally occurring hyaluronic acid in the body. Hyaluronic acid renders a smooth and full appearance to your lips. As you age, the level of this acid goes down, and hence your lips slowly start losing their full appearance. When restylane injections are given on the lips, they make your lips stay fuller for a period of 6 months. So, those women who love to keep their lips fuller need to do this lip job twice in a year. It is advised that you take a sensitivity test to restylane before opting for this lip injection.

How Long Do Lip Injections Last?

No, it is a cosmetic process with temporary results. You can’t expect to have permanent lip modification with a single injection. Instead, you need to be ready to face the process again if you want to keep your lips glowing the way you always wanted. So, how long do lip injections last? No exact answer can be given to this question as it varies from one individual to another. But usually, it is expected to last for about nine months. However, it may last even up to a year. But there are also women who claim that they need lip injections after every six months. So, it can be concluded that the outcomes differ from woman to woman.

What Are The Health-Risks Involved?

There is no visible side-effect or permanent physical problem resulting from lip injections. But still you may have to deal with pain and lip swelling. You may be advised to go on a strict diet plan. So, if you don’t want to get into physical and mental trouble, you are suggested to first consult a medical professional. Your family doctor can guide you about it. If you need more detailed suggestions, you need to consult a subject expert. While discussing your needs and desires with a specialist, you shouldn’t forget to tell him your health history. Your previous health record can help an expert in understating your needs better.

Who Can Help You?

Since it is a health related issue, you need to be very conscious while making a finalized decision. Usually, it is believed that a medical professional can be very helpful, but this is not necessary every time. Remember, women who have already gone through this type of process can help you greatly in understating the pros and cons of the process. So, look for individuals who have already experienced lip injections.

They are the people who can guide you in making a right decision. If you find it difficult to meet a real person in and around your city, you need to look at the internet. There are plenty of websites, social networking sites and other platforms available that help people in grabbing this type of cosmetic information. It is worthy to be a part of a few beauty forums to know whether you should opt for lip injections or not. This way, you could be able to make a more refined decision.

What Should You Know When Choosing Lip Augmentation?

If you have finally decided to opt for lip augmentation to enhance your overall facial beauty, you need to know certain things before sitting for the actual process. Take the below points into consideration to achieve the desired beauty objectives with no health risks.

  • You first need to know about your requirements whether you exactly need lip enhancement or not. So, consult a doctor before making a decision.
  • In case of facing a disease like diabetes, you must be extra conscious about the process.
  • Always remember lip injections aren’t magical weapons, thus you should be very realistic regarding the potential results.
  • You may have to deal with good amount of pain. Thus you must be ready for it.
  • Do not be unnecessarily worried about the process. Keep yourself calm and happy.