How To Get Rid Of Unwanted Facial Hair?

Any woman wants her face to be beautiful – smooth and soft. However, many women suffer from unwanted facial hair. Unwanted hair on chin, upper lips, cheeks, neck, or forehead leads to embarrassment. It affects your confidence. Reasons for unwanted facial hair growth includes changes in hormonal levels, some medications, irregular menstrual cycle, and pregnancy hormonal changes. How to get rid of facial hair? Here in this article, you are going to know some of the helpful tips on getting rid of facial hair.

How To Get Rid Of Unwanted Facial Hair?

How To Get Rid Of Unwanted Facial Hair

1. Waxing

You can follow this method either at a beauty salon or even at your home. It is an easy and inexpensive way. You can remain hair-free for a longer time period (not permanently) as it helps in removing the hair from its roots. Though it is painful, nowadays there are different painless waxing methods available such as mango and chocolate waxing.

Cons: Waxing can result in skin allergies in some women. Other side effects of waxing include redness of the skin, infection or acne of the hair follicles, and itching. Also, repeated usage of waxing can lead to loose and saggy skin.

2. Razors

Using razor is not only the easiest way to remove facial hair but also the cheapest way. You do not need any special skills required to use this method.

Cons: If you do it the wrong way, it can lead to injuries and in-growth of pseudo folliculitis which can be infectious. Also, you need to repeat this method once a week to make sure that your face is hair-free. Some may face skin irritations while using razors.

3. Epilators

Epilator is also very easy and inexpensive way of removing facial hair.

Cons: With this method, you can remove only up to 88% of facial hair and may not be able to remove small hair follicles. On the other hand, other methods like waxing offer 98% success rate. Epilators cannot remove hair from the roots, so you may experience faster hair re-growth on your face.

4. Threading

You can remove your facial hair through threading. Though it is also very inexpensive, you need to have proper skills to handle it. Otherwise, you may damage your skin. Please make sure to have expertise on it before following the method. Otherwise, you can see a professional beauty expert to have it done for you.

Cons: It can be very painful when not performed properly. Your skin may remain red for sometime after the process. During this process hairs are not removed from the roots. Also, hair re-growth is faster. So, you need to follow the method for every few days.

5. Bleaching

This method hides your facial hair and makes them less visible. Also, you have a choice of matching your hair color with your skin tone. So, your facial hair is unnoticeable. You can follow this method at home, and it does not require special skills. The effect will stay for a few weeks.

Cons: This process does not remove your hair. You are not supposed to expose your skin for at least 1 hour after the bleaching process. It can cause skin irritation. However, bleaching is not the right solution for you if you have thick hair.

6. Hair Removal Creams

You can remove facial hair sitting at home without any professional assistance by using this method. It is very simple to follow. All you have to do is apply the cream on the affected area, wait for some time, and then remove it slowly.

Cons: This method works superficially. So, you need to apply the cream frequently. You need to repeat the method once a week. It may cause skin irritation, allergies and darkening of the skin in some women.

7. Laser Hair Removal

This is one of the most effective and safest hair removal methods. It removes hair permanently from your body. It does not leave any marks on your face or cause any infection. The best part is its results are long lasting.

Cons: This method is expensive; hence it may not be affordable for everyone. The procedure is risky and painful. People with dark or tanned skin are prone to burns. Also, it is not an effective method for those who have hormonal imbalances. And, you need to attend multiple sittings to have your facial hair removed.

8. Gelatin Peel-off Mask

There are many natural ways available to get rid of facial skin. You can use them for effective hair removal. Gelatin Peel-off Mask is one of such home remedies.

This is one of the best and the easiest home remedies to remove the unwanted hair from your face. You can do this very easily at your home. Though it can be bit smelly and messy, its results are stunning and worth trying. You can add little lemon juice to the gelatin to suppress its smell. Also, you can use a few drops of essential oil.

Pros: Be careful while using the mask. You should keep your eyebrows and eyes away from the mask. It can damage those areas.

Ingredients: One tablespoon of unflavored gelatin, 2-3 tablespoons of milk, 1-2 drops of lavender or any other essential oil, and a few drops of lemon juice.


  • Take a small bowl. Add gelatin, milk, essential oil or lime juice. Mix them all together.
  • Now, microwave the mixture for up to 20 seconds on medium heat
  • Apply it thoroughly on your face
  • Let the mixture sit for sometime
  • Gelatin may stick onto the facial skin faster. You can apply it all your face or just on the areas where you have unwanted hair growth.
  • Avoid applying on and around your eyes and eyebrows.
  • Remove the mask after 5-10 minutes as it would dry fully by then.
  • Once you peel the mask off from your face, you will find visibly hair-free face. Also, you will find not any blackheads or whiteheads present on your face.
  • This method is proven to offer you soft, smooth and hair-free facial skin very effectively.

How To Get Rid Of Unwanted Hair

You can follow any of the above suggested methods to have your facial hair removed. However, make sure to seek professional advice before considering any of the method. Also, seek immediate medical advice in case of any redness, irritation or skin damage.