Best Makeup Tips For Brown Eyes

Please stand opposite to a mirror and look how is the shape and curves of the face, mouth and nose whether big or small. Chin is broad or thin, colour of your face and finally observe the colour of your eyes.

Keep all of them aside except your eyes and their colour which really provide beautifulness to your face. In a research it is observed that the brown eyed ladies are more trust worthy. There is a saying “The eyes are the windows to the soul”.

Eye colour can change. Therefore eye colour is something like sky which depends on lighting conditions. One may be having beautiful brown eyes but proper make up is not given the beauty of thee eyes will not be reflected but gives a negative opinion to those who are coming into eye to eye contact with you.

Makeup Tips For Brown Eyes

makeup tips for brown eyes

Applying eye makeup is most tough part of any makeup routine. Adjusting eye makeup based on needs and look you want to create is very challenging.

There is no complementary to brown color on the color wheel, any eye makeup color will match well with brown eyes. But certain colors will supplement the looks better than other colors. There are so many make up tips to make beautiful brown eyes sparkle and shine and give a perfect look. Some of them are cited hereunder.

  1. White liner gives attractive look to brown eyes. If white liner is paired with some metallic colour then the eyes look will be implausible.
  2. Metallic touches such as gold, bronze, brown and even pink gives more shine to brown eyes.
  3. An eye liner with natural colours like Taupes, peaches and even browns give fantastic look to brown eyes.
  4. An ideal tip for brown eyes is adding a bit of shimmer to match the colour of your eye brows.
  5. If anyone is having black circle under the eye they can put some concealer and can cover it some foundation. It gives an awesome look to the brown eyes.
  6. Out of all the colours purple is the best match for brown. So, switch over to purple liner for black or brown and see how beautiful your brown eyes.
  7. Whether your eyes are dark brown or light brown cobalt blue shade gives beautiful look.
  8. Instead of all the colours discussed earlier eggplant mascara is best suited for brown eyes.
  9. To draw out the beauty of brown eyes champagne eye liner is best one.
  10. Mixing black mascara with eggplant eyeliner or bright blue with some gold flecks will give amazing look
  11. Like cobalt blue navy blue will also give a dazzling look to the eyes. Though Navy doesn’t give same contrast as cobalt but the look is awesome.
  12. navy, cobalt blue or even a teal/turquoise to bring out the amber/orange flecks in medium brown eyes
  13. Vibrant blue eye shadow will give rich look for dark brown eyes
  14. Dark brown eyes will look great with darker eyeliner shade; medium brown eyes will look extraordinary with any eyeliner shade.
  15. If you want Brown eyes to pop, then reduce the dark circles under your eyes by applying concealer under and around eyes. Also add some concealer over your nose or cheeks to cover any blemishes
  16. Applying foundation till the brow on eyelids. This will help eye shadows go on easily and cover any redness

Don’t with Brown eyes

  1. Please don’t try red. Yellow and green which will not give bright look to your big brown beautiful eyes.
  2. Dark or neutral colour liners for the girls who are having dark hair is not advisable as they give dull look.
  3. Of course everyone likes good smoky eye but it will not suit brown eyes. Instead they can try gold liners.
  4. If you want focus your brown eyes don’t over do your face but keep it neutral.
  5. Rather than pink and Mauves shades, purple gives a very bright look for brown eyes.
  6. DON’T use greasy concealers on blemishes or the under eye area as they give dull look for eyes
  7. DON’T overdo mascara as it distracts and creates messy look

4 Effects that can be brought to Brown eyes by using eyeliners

  1. For natural effect light shades of eyeliner like Champagne and peaches, which matches your brown eye color? This kind of makeup will make brown eyes to appear larger and as well as drawing their natural color.For this effect avoid using black eyeliner, as they overwhelm eye color.
  1. To create drama effect use eye liners and draw thick lines using dark shades. For this effect dark grays will be apt.
  1. For metallic ultramodern look apply metallic eyeliner for brown eyes. Gold and bronze are ideal colors to make your eyes look attractive, outstanding and dazzling.
  1. For Glittery Tones opt for pink and bright peaches as they will make eyes look brighter and makes the brown eye color lighter.

Tips on applying eyeliners for Brown eyes

  • Mildly smudge eyeliner edge and ensure that it is fading away well. This gives a natural look for your eyes
  • If you are new and want to have a straight lines ideal way is to use dots and joining them.
  • Opt for intense lines but draw thinner lines if you have close-set eyes.
  • Highlight the inner corners of eyes and emphasis the outer corners. This will give closer looks to eyes. This look will be suitable for people with wide set eyes.
  • If you are using an eyeliner brush and looking for consistent and thin line ensure that your eyeliner brush have very thin
  • Deep browns, charcoal and plum eye lines as a good alternative for a black eyeliners, if you feel using black gives harsh look for your eyes.

Suchama on a blog said “On the colour wheel, the most complementary colour for each hue is located directly across from the targeted colour.As a rule of thumb, jewel tones work best for enhancing brown eyes because they have the same depth and richness”