Best Lip Balm For Dry Lips

It is a common problem to suffer with dry lips in winters. When snow is falling outside window, your red lips lose their beauty and attraction as they become chapped. It is a great idea to start taking care of your lips before the inception of winters and continue the regime throughout till the onset of summer.

It is a great idea to be kiss ready all time, and have those baby soft lips by using best lip balm for chapped lips and giving those two little red duos a little more care.

Treating Chapped Lips

Best Lip Balm For Dry Lips

The best treatment for chapped lips is to cure them naturally. Artificial products will just superficially make your lips look juicy and soft, but when the effect is evaporated, you are again left with the same rough surface of your lips.  Let us learn some easy methods which are very easy and would not disturb your routine or take much of your time, but will never leave you with chapped o dry lips even in winters.

1. Stay Hydrated

  • You should consume minimum 10 glasses of water every day without any excuse.
  • It should be at regular interval. Drinking 10 glasses doesn’t mean you forget to have water entire day and have it all at once or twice.
  • If you are not that much a fan of normal water, try and balance your 10 glasses per day with fresh fruit juices.

2. Remove Dead Skin Of Your Lips

  • It is necessary to exfoliate it at least once a week.
  • The process of exfoliation will remove the top layer of dead skin and thus make space for the normal skin to breath properly.
  • Exfoliation can be done by taking sugar and honey and rubbing it on both the lips.
  • This is best natural scrub for exfoliation.
  • Make sure the movements are very soothing too your lips and not rough, rough movements will make your lips look worst.
  • Never use scrubbing cream which is used for face as it normally contains soap which may be not at all good for those rosy beauties.
  • You can do exfoliation with the help of your hands or even use a soft bristle brush for it.

3. Apply Lip Balm

  • So, once all your dead skin is removed you can now moisturize and grease your new skin so that they do not start chapping.
  • There are varied lip balms available in the market of various flavors and brands with different lip shades. You can opt from the range, however all the lip balms mostly contains camphor or petroleum jelly which will give time being moisturizer to lips and after some time it will again make your lips dry and chapped, may be spoil your lips texture.
  • You can make homemade lip balm which is very much easy to make.

4. Homemade Lip Balm

  • Take 1 teaspoon each of honey, almond oil, bees wax and Vitamin E capsule.
  • You can also use coconut oil instead of almond oil for this balm.
  • Warm the bee wax and once it melts down, add other ingredients one by one and mix it well.
  • Pour the mixture in small jars or anywhere you want and allow it to cool down at room temperature.
  • The mixture will become solid and you can now use it as your lip balm.
  • Applying this mixture will prove to be the best lip balm for chapped lips.
  • If you want to opt for ready-made lip balms, see the ingredients and choose one with vitamin-E, glycerin or moisturizing agents like coconut and almond oil.

5. Using Oils

  • You can also keep your lips greased directly with various oils like,
  • Almond oil
  • Coconut oil
  • Cocoa butter
  • Olive oil

6. Sooth Your Lips

  • Some lips are too damaged and need some extra care, in such cases you can start treating your lips by regular application of aloe Vera gel, mixture of honey and a drop of glycerin or cucumber and boiled potato.
  • It is strange to hear, but you can apply a little of mayonnaise on your lips too. This will grease it well and sustain the moisture for a longer time period.

Things To Keep In Mind

There are list of various things you should keep in mind to avoid drying of your lips now and then.

1. Do not keep on bringing your tongue out and roll it over your lips. It might give you a time being moisturizing effect but it is not going to last long. In fact it will cause more dryness and damage to the lips.

2. Do not pull your dead kin with teeth; it will cause your lips to bleed as they are very tender.

3. Do not use flavored lip balms as they are the prime most reason behind chapped lips.

4. Invest in a humidifier. It will help you soften and moisten your lips as well as face.

5. Use tooth paste which do not contain fluorides.

6. Take healthy diet which is rich in minerals and vitamins.

7. If you are going to a beach site, do not use normal lip balms instead you should protect your lips with SPF rich balms

8. In case of visiting a place which is too cold or is windy, apply a coat of essential oils on lips and keep on applying it if you will it is already absorbed by your lips.

9. Smoking can lead to drying of lips. See to it that how much reduction you can bring to the habit.

10. Check out with your doctor if you are suffering from any major nutrient deficiency.

11. Sometimes, major diseases also play a vital role in giving your lips that dryness, check out the possibility of such disease in your case.

There are many ingredients in our own kitchen which can act as boon for our lips and provide us the baby soft lips we always wish for. Try to make use of more and more natural products rather than the packaged cosmetics available in the market. This will be not only beneficial to your pocket and monthly budget but will provide you more health benefits at zero side-effects.