5 Tips: How To Get Rid Of A Heat Rash On Face?

Heat rashes are most widespread to occur during the summer season because this is the season when people sweat a lot. The most common place of its occurrence is on face. However, it can also be found to occur on neck, hands, chest, back as well as thighs. It is also known as prickly heat or Miliaria. The occurrence of heat rash can make your affected part look red accompanied with small blisters which can lead to itching and rashes. It can get really painful at times. They are not only painful but it can lead to the damage of skin if not treated properly.

How To Get Rid Of A Heat Rash On Face

Reasons Which Lead To Heat Rashes Are:

The major reason of the occurrence of heat rash is the blockage of the sweat gland. As the sweat glands get blocked, the sweat within our body gets locked inside the body itself which in turn leads to the irritation of the skin. So, it is commonly found to occur in the season of summer. Furthermore, people with a problem of obesity tend to get affected by heat rashes more because of the excessive sweat they are induced with. In addition, those body parts which are not exposed much and remain in skin folds are also subjected to severe heat rashes because it doesn’t get air at all. Moreover, children can also get severely affected by prickly heat because their sweat glands are still in developing stage and cannot fully control the heating process which leads to rashes.

How To Stay Away From The Outburst Of Heat Rashes?

Heat rash can really create a mess in your life with that constant itching and irritation. So, it is a good idea to avoid its occurrence at the first place. One of the simplest ways of avoiding heat rashes is by being indoors, away from the direct heat of the sun. The cool environment of your house can provide you ample amount of relief from the heat rashes. Furthermore, it is also advisable to wear loose cotton clothes which are comfortable and allow the air to pass through it. Air is very necessary for your skin’s well being. Make sure to wear only such clothes which are made from cotton fabric. Moreover, you should avoid the consumption of such food items which accelerates the heat within your body. Avoid eating spicy foods. Intake of hot drinks such as tea and coffee is also not advisable. The consumption of sugar should also be limited. In addition, drinking a lot of water can also help you avoid the outburst of heat rashes.

How To Get Rid Of Heat Rash?

If your heat rashes are in very bad condition, it is advisable to consult a doctor for its treatment. Most commonly, doctors prescribe the use of a serum named hydrocortisone. However, the prolonged use of such creams can direct the thickening of your skin which again can lead to prickly heats. This medication is also accompanied with side effects like nausea, headache, dizziness, uneven menstrual cycle, heartburn, insomnia, pimples and excess of sweating. So, if you are wondering how to get rid of a heat rash then resorting to natural methods is a much better idea. Specially, if the question of how to get rid of heat rash on face is striking your mind then natural remedies can come for your instant cure. Natural herbs can come for your rescue and save you from the pain and irritation of prickly heat. Let’s have a look on some of the herbs treating heat rashes:

1. Peppermint

This herb is usually found in toothpastes and moisturizing cremes. People who are allergic to chemical based cremes and toothpastes often resort to products made up of peppermint ingredient. It has a cooling effect on the body which soothes and calms your heat rashes. So, in case of heat rashes, you can apply a little amount of peppermint based toothpaste for instant relief. Using a moisturizing creme with peppermint can also serve as a good idea for the treatment of heat rashes.

2. Lavender

It serves as a great cooling agent and can cure heat rashes considerably. In addition, it also has such cooling properties which can heal if you suffer from sun burn. You can also use gel based cremes containing lavender for the treatment of prickly heat.

3. Chickweed

It is basically a plant found in Britain. It’s cooling and soothing properties makes it an instant hit for the treatment of heat rashes. Many cosmetic companies include chickweed in their moisturizing products for providing that cooling effect to the users. Furthermore, chickweed can be applied on the skin directly too. You can grind the chickweed in a mixer grinder and apply on your skin for that soothing relief from the heat rashes. It smells really good so applying it on the skin is not a problem.

4. Aloe Vera

The benefit of Aloe Vera remains unmatched over the years. It has been used since ages for giving a soothing and cooling effect on skin. It is often found in moisturizing cremes which heals the rashes as well as helps in rejuvenating the skin.

5. Dandelion

One of the major reasons of the occurrence of heat rashes is the lack of water in the body. We sometimes tend to ignore the fact that how important the consumption of water is for the body. Dehydration i.e. the lack of water in body can lead to severe damage of the body. So, make sure that you are drinking a lot of water throughout the day. Dandelion can work wonders in helping you retain water in the body. You can add a mixture of dandelion in a glass of water and drink it on a daily basis. Its diuretic properties can help you flush the water easily which in turn would maintain the water level within your body. In addition, it has been bestowed with minerals like potassium which makes it a healthy consumption for the body. You can drink it in the form of tea or juice as well.


Heat rashes can be effectively treated if we resort to such natural methods of cure. These are an instant remedy for prickly heats.