12 Great Tips: How To Make Your Hair Grow Really Fast?

Are you exploring means on how to make your hair grow really fast? If yes, then here is something interesting and exclusive for you. Keep reading to unlock different yet simple means to grow your hair really fast. However, remember getting long hair overnight is a dream. No need to dishearten by this fact there are simple tips that motivate your hair follicles resulting in long, beautiful hair. So, now let us see how to make your hair grow fast.

How To Make Your Hair Grow Really Fast?

How To Make Your Hair Grow Really Fast

New hair results from new hair strands unleashed from your scalp. And motivating your scalp to produce more new hair strands will accomplish your task. Hair typically grows about one-quarter to one-half of an inch in a month. Healthy hair has a fair chance of full-scale growth. So, here are few tips to help you keep your hair healthy and long:

1. Regular Grooming

Speaking about scissor may sound weird but ironically it helps you keep your hair healthy. Split ends and dry hair are fragile and prone to break. A consistent and regular trimming of your hair keep it healthy and free from split ends. Ideally trimming once in about six or eight weeks yield you best results. Restrict trimming up to half inch length. Trimming will help you get rid of dead ends. Moreover, dead ends look dull stealing the beauty of your hair. It is not worth to keeping long, dull hair.

2. Hot Oil

Get a good hot oil massage from your dear ones. This is simple yet one of the best tips to stimulate hair growth. Heat a small amount of oil and apply on the scalp using your fingers. Gently massage the roots and leave it for some time so that the oil gets absorbed completely. You can notice the difference in a short duration as you feel your hair strong, healthy and silky. Hot oil may be prepared at your home or can be store bought. Use coconut oil, jojoba oil, olive oil or any other oils to create wonders by just heating and a nice massage.

3. Egg Whites Mask

Egg whites help you replenish and refill the lost smoothness of your hair. Crack open few egg shells to take off the yolk and retain the white. Make a hair mask out of the extracted egg white. Put on the mask on your hair for some time. Remove the mask to see instant results. You will see smooth, silky, and healthy hair. The high growth rate is attributed to healthy hair.

4. Drink Lot Of Water

Moisturizing your hair is essential in order to grow your hair long. Consuming plenty of water flushes the toxins present in the body. Water enhances the metabolism of the body in turn resulting in long hair. Drinking eight glasses of water keep your body hydrated. Moreover, water moisturizes hair both from inside and outside eliminating dryness. Dry hair is prone to break.

5. Brushing Your Hair

Brushing also plays an important part in aiding hair growth. Improper and hard brushing may result in hair loss. Brush gently and do not over brush. You can brush your hair two times in the morning and two times in the night. Brushing increases circulation in the hair follicles. Increased circulation in turn increases the intake of food resulting in undistorted hair growth. In case you come across tangles use a wide-toothed comb.

Note: Do not brush wet hair. Wet hair is fragile and easily prone to break.

6. Keep Away From Blow-Drying

Avoid blow drying and straightening on a daily basis. It is hard to give up the regular practice as it results in a new look. But, if you are firm on growing your hair quick then stay away from blow-drying. You will be happy to see the instant results. However, you can blow-dry about four times in a week to decrease the split ends.

7. Consume Protein Loaded Food

Healthy eating pays you especially consuming protein rich food results in healthy strong hair. Protein nourishes your hair encouraging the quick growth. Moreover, the quality of hair enhances. Your hair is healthy and strong than never before. Ensure your diet includes fresh fruits, vegetables, eggs, and fish. Additionally, cut down the junk food as it hinders the healthy growth.

8. Potato Water Wash

Lack of vitamins results in dry hair. If your hair is dry, then check out for deficiency of vitamins. Vitamins C, A and B are essential for the hair growth. You can consume a lot of vitamins on the other hand you can externally treat your hair with vitamins. Potato water is a rich source of vitamins. Washing your hair with potato water will give your hair a vitamin rich treat. Consuming multivitamins along with external aid will further enhance the growth process.

9. Conditioning Your Hair

An unhealthy scalp cannot produce long hair. So, it is vital to keep your scalp healthy and clean to cater hair growth. Deep conditioning your hair once in a week will result in a clean scalp. Moreover, conditioning retains the silky nature of hair. You can get cozy conditioning from your salon or you can probably do it at your home. Conditioning does not give you instant results but in the short course you will notice the difference.

10. Treat With Essential Oils

Give your hair a treat using essential oils. Prepare a mixture using three drops of lavender oil, rosemary oil each with two drops of jojoba oil, thyme oil, and cedarwood oil. Take the mixture and rub into the scalp gently. Further, with your fingers give a mild massage. Essential oils get into the scalp nourishes hair follicles giving you long hair.

11. Aloe Vera With Brandy

Fresh aloe vera is the key for quick hair growth. Combine fresh squeeze from aloe vera leaves with a little brandy and an egg. Put on the mixture on the scalp and leave it for an hour. Wash your hair after an hour to see fresh and nourished hair. Healthy hair in turn has high growth rate.

12. Grapeseed Oil

After hot oil massages now it is grapeseed oil. Massage your scalp before going to bed with grapeseed oil every day to see a leap in the hair growth. If you find, your scalp getting too oily then keep it two or three times a week.