10 Home Remedies On How To Get Rid Of A Heat Rash?

Heat rash occurs due to blocking of sweat glands. Usually, heat rash also called miliaria or prickly heat that can appear anywhere on the body but commonly it appears on the chest, thighs, back, arms, neck, and face. Your skin gains red spots that appear bumpy. The heat rashes are itchy and sometimes stinging and prickly. Do not worry on how to get rid of a heat rash as there are few home remedies that can do wonder on heat rash and eliminate it.

How To Get Rid Of A Heat Rash?

How To Get Rid Of A Heat Rash

Several natural remedies can help you to get rid of heat rash. Below listed are few natural remedies:

1. Oatmeal Bath

Take an oatmeal bath for 15 to 20 minutes twice per day. This is one of the best remedies to heat rash. Prepare the solution by adding tepid water to a couple of tablespoons of colloidal oatmeal. Add this mixture to the cold water used for bathing. Additionally, you can also put some drops of lavender, essential oil or chamomile to it.

If you are not comfortable to try an oatmeal bath, then cook some oatmeal in the boiling water for 10 to 15 minutes. Now take the oatmeal and wrap it in a muslin or cotton cloth and keep it on the heat rashes to cure them. Occasionally, you can dip the bundle in the cold water. Stuff the cooked oatmeal in a cotton sock.

2. Baking Soda

Soak in the bath water containing baking soda. You may add about three tablespoons of baking soda. Stay for 10 to 15 minutes and this helps to reduce itching. Once you are done with the bath air dry the skin as it aids skin naturally to eliminate heat rash.

3. Ice Packs

Using ice packs is one of the traditional and natural remedies to alleviate heat rash. Place the ice pack on the affected area to get a soothing effect and gradually to free yourself from itching.

4. Odorless Talcum Powder

The heat rash can be reduced by using unscented talcum powder in the affected region about four or five times per day. You can sprinkle baking soda or cornstarch as it absorbs surplus moisture and keep your skin away from the bacteria. Do not smear greasy and thick creams on your skin as it may block the skin pores.

5. Aloe Vera Gel

Extract the fresh gel from the aloe vera leaf and apply it to the heat rash. This is one of the best remedies to treat heat rash. Also, you can take off pulp of watermelon and refrigerate it for some time and then gently apply to the affected region to get best results.

6. Green Henna

Prepare a paste of green henna by adding a little water to it. If the rash is severe, then you can crush some neem leaves or Indian lilac to the paste to effectively treat the heat rash. Further, preparations using camphor also help you a great deal.

7. Sandalwood Powder And Rose Water

Add sufficient amount of rose water to the sandalwood powder to prepare a paste. Dab the paste on the affected areas to get relief and alleviate heat rash from the region. After 15 minutes, you can rinse off the paste using cold water.

8. Jewelweed

Prepare juice from jewelweed and apply it on the affected skin and this produces best results. And it is one of the natural cures. Use the lower part of the stem to extract juice as it is most effective to treat heat rash. If applied earlier during the initial stages then this remedy can create wonders to eliminate the heat rash completely.

9. Do Not Wear Tight Fitting Or Synthetic Clothing

When you are undergoing the trouble of prickly heat, avoid wearing tight fitting or synthetic clothes. Instead wear cotton as it absorbs excess moisture. Stay in the shady places and avoid going into the sun. Further, make sure you are taking proper care of your skin and keep it clean. Never scratch the heat rashes as it may cause infection.

Drink a lot of water and stay hydrated when out in bright sun. Alternatively, have coconut water, buttermilk, orange juice or lemon juice to keep you from getting dried up.

10. Fuller’s Earth

Mix small amount fuller’s earth with water to make a paste. Apply the paste on affected area to get rid of heat rash quickly.

Diet To Get Rid Of Heat Rashes

Healthy vitamin rich diet can help you deal with heat rashes. Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Vitamin A, zinc and other essential nutrients can reduce heat rashes effectively. Consume foods with rich water content like watermelon, cucumber, papaya, and orange.

Drink sugarcane juice regularly and especially during summer to keep your body hydrated. Limit consumption of alcohol and beverages containing caffeine. This helps not only to prevent heat rashes but also other skin problems.


If you are looking for medication options, then you must apply hydrocortisone cream or calamine lotions on the rashes to eliminate stinging sensation and irritation. Further, you can opt for antihistamine.

You require medication when you find the rash is not recovering with any of the home remedies and if it stays for long. Visit the doctor and check if it is a bacterial infection or there is any other cause for the rash to get appropriate treatment. In case if you find any of the below symptoms then see your doctor immediately.

  • Headache
  • Fever
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting and
  • Dizziness

Further, you can have rashes due to other reasons and not necessarily heat rashes. Some of other conditions that cause rashes are:

  • Eczema
  • Folliculitis is a bacterial infection and is commonly with “staph”
  • Drug eruption or medication reaction
  • Acne
  • Allergic rash
  • Niacin Medication: This appears in few individuals. However, it stays for a short while and improves after a couple of hours

Grover’s disease also known as transient acantholytic dermatosis and it causes bumps on chest and abdomen that are likely itchy. It worsens with heat